Our supply chain systems are not as resilient as you’re being led to believe

It’s time to speak to the nature of reality that not many people are aware of. Our national supply chain system is built on a very human, paper-based series of handshake agreements. These handshake agreements form handshake processes that require two humans in understanding to complete. If at any point one of the two humans are unavailable to complete the handshake process, the resulting mayhem that follows can set off a very catastrophic chain of events within both sides of the supply chain. The fallout from those events can be so severe that they could dramatically affect future decisions.

Anyone reading this currently employed within a major supply chain system knows this situation ALL too well. However, because the inertia of the supply chain system is so great, companies are needing to choose between overhauling their entire system or accept the chaos as “the way it is.”

We reject “the way it is.” There is a better way, and it exists with technology that exists today. We are going to show you soon.

Are you a developer interested in being apart of history? Know what a “Non-Fungible Token” is? Do you dabble in Crypto? Reach out to info@augmint.com.

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